Why Epitome
Vision and Mission  
Why Epitome  

In the competitive business world, it is vital for companies to know what sets them apart from the crowd, their “competitive advantage”. To maintain this advantage, it is becoming increasingly crucial to outsource several functions. Epitome is uniquely positioned to cater to your needs by optimizing the use of “global talent”.

At Epitome we rely on knowledge as a tool to help your enterprise grow smarter. Our expertise helps clients from the simplest to the most complex processes in their business. In a recent report, Epitome has been recognized as a “Cool Vendor”, by a reputed independent research firm, which called us innovative, impactful and intriguing. Epitome has developed robust processes for various functions to support Hedge funds, Fund of Funds and Fund Administrators.

The financial services industry faces a new wave of challenges with increasing complexity, new products and increased demands from regulators and sophisticated investors. Partnering with Epitome helps you ride the wave effectively and efficiently. Backed by our intellectual capital with industry expertise, secure infrastructure, an energetic and well-trained workforce deeply focused on quality and accuracy, Epitome provides Finance and Accounting, Tax Compliance, Research & Analytics, Middle / Back Office support and Fund Accounting & Administration services.

Epitome clients reap the following benefits:
Specialised knowledge and expertise
Timely and round-the-clock service: we work while you sleep
Reduced costs: scalability and variability in your cost structure
Accuracy and quality
Confidentiality and data security
Robust processes and work flows
Customized solutions